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Unsure whether you need Universal or Dedicated Electric when you have your towbar fitted?

The rule of thumb is if you have a new, leased or company car or if your vehicle is still in warranty then you most likely need to have this product fitted to ensure you keep your warranty when your towbar is fitted.

Dedicated wiring kits are made to fit a specific car make and model. Unlike universal kits, dedicated kits work in coordination with the vehicles existing electrical system allowing it to run as functional as it was intended to by the manufacturer.

The advantage of a dedicated wiring kit is that the vehicle will know when you are towing and will automatically adjust the following systems when towing(only if the vehicle has them):

Brake electronics

Engine electronics

Cruise control or A.C.C

Parking aids

Reversing cameras

Lane change assisting

Suspension system

Engine cooling system


Things to consider before purchasing dedicated wiring kits

Some vehicles need a compulsory download from the main agent to make the vehicle aware that these towing electrics are fitted dependent on make or model of the vehicle.

More often than not, dedicated wiring kits are more expensive compared to universal.

Dedicated wiring kits in the majority of cases connect directly into the manufacturers dedicated socket. In some vehicles it may be necessary to run other cables through the vehicle, this can make fitting more difficult. However we have an experienced towbar installations team with experience installing towbars to a variety of vehicles

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